Sea Blue Shipyard

Pre-Fabrication and New Construction

  • Design and Construction of vessels up to 120 Mtr Length.
  • Fabrication of Hull Blocks and which can be transported to CSL by Barge.
  • Pre Fabrication and installation of system pipe lines.
  • Pre and Post Docking repair works of vessels up to 120 Mtrs length.
  • Berthing of vessels up to 120 Mtrs length.
  • Emergency repairs of vessels at Kochi anchorage.
  • Fabrication and supply of Bollards.
  • Fabrication and supply Water Tight Doors.
  • Fabrication and supply Windows.
  • Fabrication and supply Manhole Cover with Ring.
  • Fabrication and supply  Hatch covers
  • Fabrication and supply Small Hatches.
  • Fabrication and supply Radar & Signal Mast.
  • Fabrication and supply  Ladders
  • Fabrication and supply Weather Deck Ladders.
  • Fabrication and supply Cowl Vent.
  • Fabrication and supply Mushroom Vent.
  • Fabrication and supply Trunks.
  • Fabrication and supply  Water Tight BHD Covers

Electrical Works

  • Errection, testing and commissioning of Generators up to 600 KVA and Motors up to 150 HP.
  • Overhauling and servicing of alternators up to 600 KVA and Motors up to 150 HP.
  • Rewinding of motors up to 50 HP and Baking.
  • Overhauling of Exhaust blowers.
  • Servicing of MV/LT switch boards, starter panels, distribution boards, battery charging panels etc.
  • Cable laying works including providing cable tray supports, installation of general light fittings and navigational light fittings etc.
  • Servicing of AC plants.
  • Installation of smoke and fire sensors.
  • Servicing and installation of Galley equipments.

Other Services

  • Riggers for docking block arrangements, docking manoeuver and weights handling
  • Blasters and painters for vessel hulls, decks, superstructures, tanks and different parts and surfaces.
  • Pipe fitters for maintenance or new system pipes and boilers and boiler makers
  • Mechanical fitters to repair engines, valves, pumps, blasting or painting machines and deck installations
  • Scaffolders for scaffoldings in tanks and around the superstructures and roofs.
  • Safe disposal of Waste/Used Oil Emulsions generated by marine sector.